IQ移動 – 研科特許華人代理
IQ Mobile – TELUS Chinese Authorized Dealer

IQ移動一直致力希望以流動網絡技術幫助中小企能持續發展,甚至幫助研發新科技來協助企業解決目前的煩惱。作為加拿大擁有最大最快網絡商 – 研科的特許華人代理,我們更希望能以移動網絡科技幫助中小企發展無線工作及流動辦公室,令公司更有彈性和靈活來達致更有效率。另外,IQ移動更在大多倫多地區設有6間特許華人代理店,店員皆懂得聽說國粵英三語, 希望為華人帶來更優質的電訊服務。

With a team of business specialists that have over 18 years of experience in the telecom industry, IQ Mobile is dedicated to finding innovative ways to help businesses grow.  As a TELUS Authorized Dealer, we are passionate about helping small and medium-sized businesses succeed through the use of wireless solutions, giving mobile workforces a competitive edge in our global economy.


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