Save on Home Insurance

With TELUS SmartHome Security and our professionally monitored plans, you will be able to download an alarm certificate which show the system(s) and/or sensors that are being monitored 24/7.

Many of what could be included in your personalized system may be eligible for potential discounts with your home insurance company, so don’t forget to ask your insurance provider or broker next time before renewing.

In general, discounts may be offered because damages to your home and property may be minimized and there’s reduced risk for you and your home insurer to pay for expensive claims. Being proactive and taking preventative measure will also give you peace of mind and reduce the stress from a break-in or damage clean-up too.

  • Next time you’re talking to your insurance provider, make sure to explicitly mention the following if it applies to you:
    • 24/7 Professionally Monitored Security System (deter and prevent burglars; minimize property damage and theft)
    • Monitored Fire Alarm System (Smoke & Heat detectors & Carbon Monoxide detectors to prevent/reduce damage or death by fire)
    • Centrally Monitored Water Leak Detection (prevent floods and minimize water damages)
    • Deadbolt locks on both front and rear exterior doors (Smart Door Locks connected to the system are deadbolt locks which can be controlled remotely and even set to lock automatically within a set time or when everybody leaves the home)

Insurance companies we found that may offer discounts:

Insurance CompanyQuote(s) from their Official websiteWebsite Information Accessed OnOfficial Website Link
Allstate InsuranceSecurity Systems

Insurance savings for homes with monitored security systems or fire alarms.
20 July 2023
Aviva CanadaHomes that have a monitored alarm system installed are less likely to be targeted by burglars. Plus, you can get a discount on your home insurance.20 July 2023
belairdirect InsuranceWhen applying for a quote, be sure to mention if your alarm system is connected to a central monitoring centre. Your insurer will be able to verify if this qualifies you for a discount.

Installing certain types of fire and water detectors in your home can also reduce your insurance premium. Be sure to mention this to your insurer!
20 July 2023
CAA Home InsuranceHave a monitored alarm? 5-15% off

And of course CAA Members receive something extra – 10% off
20 July 2023
Co-operators InsuranceA review will also confirm you’re getting all the discounts you’re eligible for, such as having a centrally monitored burglar alarm, a professionally installed and fully operational fire sprinkler or water shut-off system, and more.20 July 2023
Desjardins InsuranceLeak detectors connected to a central monitoring system: save up to 5% on your home insurance (you need at least 5 detectors to be eligible).

Save up to 10% if you have a centrally monitored fire and burglar alarm system installed in your home.
20 July 2023
Economical InsuranceHOW TO GET THE BEST RATES…
– Installed security system
– Monitored fire alarms
20 July 2023
Intact InsuranceWe offer discounts when you outfit your home with certain smart objects such as an intrusion alarm system or water leak sensors.20 July 2023
PembridgeAvailable discounts
– Water Damage Prevention
– Water Sensor
– Home Security
23 July 2023
RBC InsuranceHow to Save on Home Insurance

Help prevent water damage with a centrally monitored water alarm.
Install a centrally monitored alarm system to take precautions against fire or theft.
20 July 2023
RSA InsuranceAn Intact Company. Check with your insurance broker for discount offers.20 July 2023
SGI CanadaGet a discount
You may be eligible for a discount if:

you have an approved monitored security system
20 July 2023
Sonnet InsuranceTaking preventative measures like making sure your home’s windows are well-sealed (important for fire safety), maintaining your plumbing (like installing a sump pump or backflow valve) to prevent floods, switching to eco-friendly LED light bulbs, or installing a home security system can reduce risk around your home, which can help you save. By being proactive, you are lowering the chance that you’ll need to make a claim.20 July 2023
TD InsuranceIf you install a fire and burglar alarm that rings the police station or other monitoring facility, we will offer a discount. 20 July 2023
Travelers Protective Device Discount

You can save by having devices such as:
– Smoke detectors and fire alarms;
– Interior sprinkler systems;
– Home security systems; or
– Smart or connected home technology, which alerts the customer that a fire or burglar event is occurring.
23 July 2023
Wawanesa InsuranceBurglar Alarm Insurance Discount

You’ll qualify for this discount if your home is equipped with either a local burglar alarm or one that is connected to a central monitoring system.

Water Alarm Insurance Discount
This discount is applied when your home is equipped with a professionally installed water leak detection device with an automatic water shut-off valve.
23 July 2023