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On a 2-year team. +Tax | $0 機價計劃為兩年免息分期供款智能手機

Now all devices start at $0 upfront with TELUS Easy Payment®.
Device and plan costs are now separate – once your device is paid off, your monthly bill will go down.

硏科兩年計劃令所有手機也可達至零首付! 我們特意將手機和月費計劃分開計算,讓手機分期供款變得更透明和更有彈性- 你可隨時決定何時繳清手機尾數,令你的帳單更容易控制。

Flexible options | 更靈活
Choose from $0 upfront plus tax and spread the balance over 24 months. 36 month financing available in store.

Full transparency
Now you can see exactly what you’re paying for your device each month.

Save even more
Bring-It-Backᵀᴹ lets you save even more on all TELUS Easy Payment® options.

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